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Friends of CC from left to right: Maria Paula Jimenez, Valentin Mendez, Nanja Hansen,

Silvia Fernandez Campos, Margaret Cullen, Gonzalo Brito Pons


Are you a researcher with a university affiliation?  Would you like to develop your own research on the spread of compassion? CC needs a PI for an exciting mapping project.   We would love to collaborate with you.


Compassion Corps is growing!!!!  If you feel inspired by creating a more compassionate world through supporting compassion training, please contribute in any way that you can. Perhaps you can bring a similar model into the world of MBI’s.  There are so many qualified MBI instructors who are motivated by service and would love to bring these trainings into underserved populations!  Let’s talk.


Are you adept at writing blogs? Do you have social media savvy, and a social media network that would like to be inspired?  The primary intention of Compassion Corps is to inspire the exponential growth of compassion.  Just reading the stories from grantees has the power to inspire compassion.  Can you help share these stories?   


Do you have experience writing grants?  Seeding compassionate communities is needed now more than ever.  There are many institutions that are funding this work.  Please help secure more funds to support more grants.

Please reach out on the "Contact Us" page

Compassion Corps is thrilled to be affiliated with the Charter for Compassion.  Thanks to their kind sponsorship, all donations to CC are tax deductible and 100% of your donations will be applied to grants.




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